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Sorgente Medical Spa

Medical Services and Aesthetics for Total Well-Being

Sorgente Medical Skin Care

At Sorgente Medical Spa our philosophy is to improve your self image and overall well-being.  Sorgente is the ultimate source for the most recognized and effective anti-aging and aesthetic skin care procedures and products.  Using cutting edge technology, we offer the most advanced treatments, including a full range of cosmetic surgery and spa services. 

We offer advanced rejuvenation techniques for both men and women to revitalize your skin and address an array of cosmetic concerns. Our medical skin care services are engineered to treat a variety of skin types and help patients maintain refreshed, firm, smooth, and youthful skin by exfoliating the surface of the skin, promoting new healthy cell turnover, and stimulating collagen growth, and improving skin from the inside / out at the cellular level.

Our friendly, supportive and professional team will coordinate all details of your visit, while ensuring your experience is rewarding, personalized, positive and discrete.  Our in-office surgical facility is thoughtfully designed in every detail keeping comfort and privacy for all patient in mind.  It is our belief that the encironment of the office has a profound effect on the well-being and recovery of our patients.

Our staff can help you achieve your personal aesthetic goals with a customized plan--  whether you are interested in cosmetic surgery, enhancing your skin and facial features, or changing your body's natural curves, Dr. Lucia Cagnes' surgical expertise will provide you with rejuvenation of both your body and spirit.

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Sorgente Medical Spa
Medical Services and Aesthetics for Total Well-Being

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